How to Build Your Own Venus Goddess Statue

The word "venus" comes from the Latin word for "vegetable."It means "golden."The word Venus was added to Greek mythology by the Roman Emperor Constantine, who was said to have made the goddesses the wives of the gods.The Greek god of love, Aphrodite, was said in some versions to have given birth to Venus and Aphrodites, the mother of Aphrodotus, as well as to Dionysus, who became the son of...

Metis goddess braids in the latest Nike ad

The Metis Goddess braids are a staple of the Nike ad campaign and they're one of the most iconic of all the goddess braiding trends.And for good reason.The Goddess braided updo has been around for decades, and Nike has proven time and time again it knows how to make it pop.It's a look that makes for a perfect tribute to the Goddess of Love, and the Metis is no exception.The Metises Goddess...

What does the name rhiannomine mean?

Rhiannomines are mythical figures whose name means "lion" or "lady."They can be a symbol of power, fortune, or even beauty.They also often represent a god, or goddess.They are sometimes called goddesses of power.Rhiannon is the goddess of power and fertility, and she is often associated with the Rhianonese language.Rhynn, a feminine goddess, is often depicted in rhiannistic art.

What’s your favourite goddess detox and how can I get in on the action?

This goddess detox post is not about any particular detox, it's about all the Goddesses of the Universe that are currently active, including the new goddess.All of the Goddess of the Worlds that we are currently using and all of the others that will be in the future, including more that we know nothing about.The goddess detox is about getting your goddesses back in the game, getting the Goddess...

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