‘I am a goddess’: Egyptian moon goddess reveals her own story and why it resonates with modern readers

It is no secret that many of the best-known goddesses and gods of ancient Egypt are descendants of the pharaohs and their great-great-grandchildren.The ancient Egyptians worshipped many of these great-grandmothers and mothers as well as other great-sons and daughters of the gods, as well, as the gods of the Nile.Ancient Egyptians also had great reverence for the stars and other celestial...

The story behind the Goddess tangent

The story of the Goddess is about two women who find themselves at the crossroads of love and loss.As they confront one another, the themes of friendship, grief and loss are explored in their own unique way.The story was written and directed by Emily Nussbaum, a Canadian writer, actor and producer whose work has been on television, film and stage.

‘The Girl Next Door’ Star’s Career in Crisis

Actress Shailene Woodley says she has a plan to escape her troubled past and start a new life.Woodley, 34, spoke to The Associated Press about her recovery from her addiction to prescription opioids.She was a victim of drug trafficking in her teens, she says, and her addiction is rooted in a failed relationship with her mother.Woodley was 14 when she and her mother moved to Los Angeles, where her...

What does the name rhiannomine mean?

Rhiannomines are mythical figures whose name means "lion" or "lady."They can be a symbol of power, fortune, or even beauty.They also often represent a god, or goddess.They are sometimes called goddesses of power.Rhiannon is the goddess of power and fertility, and she is often associated with the Rhianonese language.Rhynn, a feminine goddess, is often depicted in rhiannistic art.

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