How to make a crochet goddess braid

Crochet goddess hairstyles are pretty much the epitome of femininity and the perfect way to make your own, right?

Well, we’ve got the tutorial for you, but the best part is it’s free!

You’ll need:Crochet HookSize: 4.5 mm (US 8) yarnColor: Blue or WhiteGauge: 5 sts = 1 inch in stockinette stitch (stitch count is based on gauge)Stitches:K2tog, p2, ssk, hdc, kfb, p1, htrsRow 1: Ch 1, sc in next st.

Sc in next 2 sts.

Sc next 2 times.

Repeat from * to last 2 sts, sc2togs, sc3togs.

Sc2toggles, sc4togs and sc5togsRow 2: Ch1, sc to last st.

Row 3: Ch 2, sc next st, sc1st, ch2, scnext st, ch1, skip next stRow 4: Ch2, skip last st, sl st to next st (counts as 1 st), sc next 3 times.

Repeat rows 2-4 until you have about 8 inches of hair on the back of your head.

Then, cut a 2″ long strip of yarn.

(This is called a braided hair and it’s really easy to make.)

Stuff the braided strip into a ball and weave it through the yarn so that it hangs over your head and over the top of your hair.

You can make the braids as long or as short as you want.

It’s best to cut the ends so they don’t interfere with your head hair.

You should end up with a braiding ball that’s around the size of a strand of hair.

(You can use a crochet hook to create a braids that are longer than this.)

Cut it into small pieces to keep it from sticking.

You’ll want to make sure the braiding ends don’t touch each other and they’re not touching your head at the ends.

(It should be okay to have a bit of a mess, but if you want to keep the braid from falling off you can do so by folding the ends of the braides in half and then folding them again.)

When you’re finished, place the braidded ball into your hair-banding material and tie it off.

You can now cut the braiders to your size and leave them hanging at the back.

You may want to adjust the length depending on how long you want them to be.

You could make the ends longer and cut them down to a more manageable size. 

You can also tie a knot in the ends to help hold them in place.

(Be sure to tie a bit more than you want the braider to hang around.)

If you want your braids to be more feminine, you could tie a small knot at the end of each braid to keep them in check and make them shorter or shorter.

(Don’t use a knot on the ends!)

You can make these braids for any occasion, even just for a short haircut.

The braids are great for formal or casual occasions.

You might also consider using them for a more formal hair up or down style. 

These braids can also be used for a fun, creative hairstyle.

(For example, you can make a skirt out of braids and tie a ribbon around the top for a skirt or scarf.)

If you want a more casual hairstyle, you may want a hair braided scarf. 

We hope you like this tutorial and that it helps you create your own braids.

If you’re ready to get creative, check out our tutorial for a different hairstyle you can try out.

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