Why the ‘Venus Goddess’ Venus is the only one of the Gods in the Bible to not have been worshipped

Virgin Mary, the Greek goddess of love and light, was not worshipped in the ancient world, according to new research.

Venus, the Venus of ancient Greek mythology, was the only god to not be worshipped in ancient Greece, the findings of a study published on Monday in the journal Antiquity show.

The study also found that her image was not carved into stone, which had been seen as a common feature in ancient sculptures.

The findings add to evidence that the Goddesses of ancient Greece were often depicted in a non-sectarian manner.

The study found that Venus was worshipped by only a handful of people in the Greek world, and most of these were minor deities with little or no significance in the world at large.

“It was very unusual for a major god to have no representation in the popular imagination,” said lead author Professor David Kostin from the University of Sydney’s School of Oriental and African Studies.

“Venus is regarded as a great mother and a symbol of love.

She is a powerful figure in Greek culture.

She has a lot of power.

She’s the source of everything that we know about life.

She also has a very strong influence over people’s perceptions of the world around them.”

Professor Kostim said the findings suggested that Venus did not belong in the pantheon of ancient Greeks.

“The only reason for the absence of a Venus statue in a statue-making tradition is the fact that Venus is seen as one of only a few female gods and goddesses,” he said.

“In other words, it’s a woman in a bad situation.”

Professor David Kastin and Professor David Stankiewicz of the University, Sydney.

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