How Dwayne ‘D’ Johnson has influenced my life, so far, by Diana Godfrey

A young Dwayne Johnson, one of the best actors of our time, has been helping me through a time of depression.

That’s not a coincidence.

We met in the early 2000s, in a nightclub.

We became friends and soon started dating, but we were never intimate.

He was a big fan of my music, so when he found out I was going to be a model, he wanted to know about my career path.

When I told him that I was in my 20s and had a modeling career, he became interested in me.

He’d been watching the movies and seeing my career progression.

I had a great sense of confidence and knew what it took to get where I wanted to be.

It was a natural fit.

He made a commitment to me.

That was his way of saying, I’m here for you.

I wanted him to be my role model, so I was like, I can’t be like my dad, because he wasn’t.

So we started dating.

We started dating for a few months and I got the first job I could get my hands on.

He’s always been there for me, so it was easy for him.

I think that was one of my biggest motivations for getting into modeling.

I don’t know if he wanted me to look good or if he knew that I’d be in the industry.

I didn’t know how to look like a movie star, but I knew how to play the game.

He never once said no.

I started out doing nude scenes, but it was hard for me to get the job.

I was working at a hotel in New York, and I’d get the phone call that the first shoot was canceled.

I called my mom and told her I was leaving.

My mom was devastated, but my mom had never heard of a modeling job and I told her that if she was going through something, I was here to help.

I couldn’t let her down.

I told my mom about the shoot, and she was so grateful, saying she was never in the business before.

She called her brother and asked him to come up with a way for me and my mom to work together.

He brought me along and we worked together and did a few shoots together.

After that, I didn�t really get any offers.

We were doing the same thing.

We would work at the same hotel, and the day before the shoot I asked my mom if she wanted me and her brother to go on the same shoot.

They said, yeah, I’ll send them a text message.

I sent them a photo of me and told them to shoot me.

I did it in front of their house, and then they all saw the shot and thought I was pretty hot.

They were so excited.

So, I told them I was a modeling agent and they were like, wow, this is amazing!

They said they’d give me a million dollars.

I’m like, no, I don�t need a million.

It’s not like I was giving them $10,000, I just need a couple thousand.

So they said, you have to send me $50,000.

They offered me $100,000 a week, and it was just so crazy.

They asked me if I wanted them to keep the money for me.

They told me that I had to pay for the clothes and makeup.

So I told the guys, I�m not giving them the money.

They just said, it’s a little bit of money, so you just keep it.

They went and made a couple of shoots, and we did all the same stuff.

I ended up getting a few more jobs and I started getting a little more offers, but the money was so hard to come by.

So at the end of the shoot when we got home, my mom got mad because she didn�ll see my modeling career anymore.

She was so angry.

So she called my dad and he got on the phone.

He told her to come back and he had her and her sister come over.

She took me to a room and told me, Dad, I need to go home.

So my mom came over, but when she came back, my dad told her he was just kidding and she didn’t want to see me.

So he left.

So that night, she called me.

She said, Daddy, I have to go.

So in my head, I thought that I�d be fine.

She told me I had no choice.

I have no choice but to get off the phone with my mom.

I texted her and said, I love you, and now I want to make sure you get the money you deserve.

She got on Facebook and told people about my story and she�d been talking to her fans and she started a Facebook page.

So everyone in New Jersey started to see the page and start going crazy about it.

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