This little girl’s mother, her father, and her ‘blessed’ father are all dead in the sea

This little woman, who is still a baby, and whose father was the youngest of the family, has lost her mother, father and a godly mother to the sea.

Her father’s body was washed ashore, her mother’s was pulled into the sea and her father’s remains were later found by the authorities in a shallow grave in the northern Philippines.

The child, named Tanya, told National Geographic that her mother was born as a newborn and that she had to endure her mother dying on the rocks of a volcano.

“She was born in the ocean and I had to go up to the rocks and look for her and it was hard, hard,” Tanya said.

“I would always see her, but she was always in the water.”

The mother was named Kita, and the baby was named Manda.

In her native country of Mindanao, the newborn child’s name means “blessing” in Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, a Philippine dialect that means “the blessing of God”.

“I didn’t know what to think, and I just kept asking myself why did she say ‘bessi’,” the baby said.

“I wanted to know what was this?

What was this?”

The child’s father, a fisherman named Marang Bong, was born to a mother who had never seen her child.

He died when the child was three months old, and his remains were eventually buried in a mass grave in a village in the Philippines.

But Tanya was given a new name by her father as he had been unable to pronounce her name properly and would only give her a few words each time he called her.

“When he told me my name, I was very happy because I had a great name,” she said.

It was only a few months later that Tanya learned that her godparents, Manda and Manda’s husband, had died as a result of natural causes.

Manda had already passed away, and Mandy was the only other daughter born to her godfathers.

When she learned of her godparent’s death, she felt compelled to find out more about her godmother and her godfamily.

“They were very special, they were very good, they had a big family,” she told National Geo.

The search for answers was particularly hard for Tanya and her mother as they had only recently married.

Although they were a couple for a year before marrying, they still shared a passion for fishing, and Tanya had to travel to Makati for a fish-fishing trip each year.

“We always had our plans and we just wanted to catch the fish,” she explained.

While searching for answers, Tanya came across the story of a fisherman called Kita who was searching for his godfather and found a fishing village with an abandoned grave.

The fisherman’s name was Manda, and he said he was the son of the godfather.

As a baby girl, Tania heard Manda recite a poem about her and her husband.

After finding Manda in the village, Tanya was able to visit him and his wife in the afterlife.

But as Tanya grew older, she found out that her father had died and that her mum and brother were dead.

“It was really sad, but I had the strength to go to the grave, and when I saw her, I started crying,” Tanyam said. 

“I told her I love her and I cried for her.

I cried a lot because I wanted to find my mum and her brother.”

When Tanya turned seven, she was given her first baptism.

Then, at nine months old and nine years old, Tiana began attending church, and she has since joined the congregation.

Tanya is the youngest daughter of a local fisherman, and is currently on a mission to become a priest.

She also hopes to become an ambassador for the church.

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