Metis goddess braids in the latest Nike ad

The Metis Goddess braids are a staple of the Nike ad campaign and they’re one of the most iconic of all the goddess braiding trends.

And for good reason.

The Goddess braided updo has been around for decades, and Nike has proven time and time again it knows how to make it pop.

It’s a look that makes for a perfect tribute to the Goddess of Love, and the Metis is no exception.

The Metises Goddess braiding is very easy to master, and a bit of a challenge to wear.

So we’re here to take you through the steps of how to put this Goddess braid on your body.

Step 1: The first step is to cut the tops off your Goddess braide.

Simply cut the ends of the braids, and then use the seam ripper to pull out the tops.

It’s also possible to cut them out of the bottom of the Goddess braides skirt or the front of the skirt.

Step 2: Take the top of the top, and use the fabric from the skirt to sew them onto the bottom.

You can also use the same fabric to sew the tops of the two braids together.

Step 3: If you’re using the skirt top instead of the front skirt, you’ll have to sew a zipper or button closure.

If you want to get a little more practical with this braided outfit, you can even get a zipper on the back of the dress.

You’ll need to use the zipper to secure the braided skirt to the dress as it stretches around the back.

Step 4: Once you’ve sewn the top together, you’re ready to attach it to the braide skirt.

This Goddess braider top has a zipper and button closure so it’ll keep you from having to sew anything in the middle.

You just need to tie the skirt around the top and tie the straps on the front.

You could also make the braid top in the same pattern as the skirt, but I like to leave it as a basic design.

The pattern looks a little complicated, but once you get it down, you won’t have to worry about the embroidery or any of that.

Step 5: The braided top can be worn as a whole, but there are some ways to make the top look more feminine.

You might want to add some accessories to the top to help the Goddess style stand out more.

For example, you might want a pair of loose-fitting pants to wear with the braiding top, or a long, striped bra to wear over the top.

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