The Goddess Rapture is Coming to Anime

A new anime is coming to Anime, and it’s called Goddess Raptur and is based on the popular Japanese cartoon goddess Grazi.

Goddess Raptured, as it is called, is the first of the new anime series.

The story is based around a group of people who find themselves in a parallel world where they are in a race to stop the Goddess Rapturing from taking over the world.

It is an adaptation of the anime series “Grazi” by Hirotoshi Matsuda.

In the world, they are called the “Goddesses” and have their own world of their own.

The series is expected to premiere in Japan in 2019. 

The series is being produced by The Animation Company and the series is owned by Saban. 

“The Goddess Raptures” is set to air in 2019 on Saban’s sister channel, Saban TBS. 

This new series will follow the story of the Goddesses and their struggles to stop their reign of destruction.

The characters in the series are a mix of famous anime characters like the Goddess of Mercy, Grazu, and the Goddess in the Land of the Rising Sun, Raijin. 

These characters are depicted in different ways.

The Goddess of mercy has a beautiful and charming look and personality.

She’s the main protagonist, but she’s not the only one with this.

There are also other characters like Raijin’s mother, Gao, and Goddess of Justice, Gazi, who are also in the show. 

We’ll also see other characters from the manga, including the Goddesss mother, who’s a female version of Raijin who is also a goddess, Gazu, who is a warrior, Gobi, a warrior princess, and Grazus own daughter, Gizi. 

What do you think of this new anime?

What would you like to see in a new anime show? 

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