Microsoft’s next big tech darling could be Microsoft’s neith

Microsoft has reportedly entered into an agreement with a group of investors to create a “neith goddess” company, according to a report from Bloomberg.

The Neith goddess would have a “massive global presence,” including in the U.S. and Europe, and be one of the “most disruptive” tech companies in the world, Bloomberg reported.

The report did not specify how much money was being paid.

Microsoft will reportedly create a new company that will be spun off from Microsoft in 2019, and then merge it with a spin-off company called Microsoft Technologies.

The new entity will have its own CEO and executive team.

The venture will also have a strong focus on artificial intelligence, according the report.

Microsoft is expected to make its announcements at a conference in 2021.

Neith is a fictional character in the TV series The Vampire Diaries, and a popular character in gaming and online communities.

The neith god was introduced as a recurring character in 2008.

The company was created by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, and is now owned by Microsoft’s board of directors.

The news comes just weeks after the company unveiled its new Surface tablet and Surface Pro 4, which feature more features and pricing than earlier versions of the tablet.

The Surface line of devices, which have also sold well, is Microsoft’s first new tablet device since it launched its Windows Phone OS.

Microsoft has been struggling to compete with Apple, Google and other companies that offer smartphones, tablets and computers powered by their own operating systems.

The iPad has been popular with younger customers and some companies have announced plans to buy the devices.

Microsoft also announced in March that it would sell off the Surface business, which makes its popular Surface laptops and other devices, including the Surface Studio tablet.

Microsoft said it plans to sell the company’s remaining assets, including Surface Pro and Surface Book business, in the second quarter of 2020.

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