Hillary Clinton’s victory: ‘I have been so humbled’

A day after she won a resounding victory in the Nevada caucuses, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said she has been “so humbled” by her win, as she congratulated her fellow Democrats and supporters.

“I am so humbly humbled to be a part of this great, great country that I love,” Clinton said in a statement.

“We are the only party that stands up to the bullies in Washington and to the forces of hatred and division that are tearing apart our country.”

Nevada has the highest percentage of white evangelicals in the country, and Trump, a former reality TV star, had won the state by double digits, but Clinton came in second to her Republican rival, former Utah Gov.

Jon Huntsman.

“Congratulations, Senator Clinton,” Trump said.

“I hope we all can move on and focus on the hard work ahead.”

Clinton and Huntsman also held their first joint press conference since the results were announced.

She took questions from the press, and Huntsmans wife, Cindy, also took questions.

She said that while she has always believed that she would win the nomination, it’s been a challenge to get there.

“There is so much more work to do,” she said.

Clinton was greeted by thousands of supporters at her victory party, which was held at the home of Las Vegas casino magnate Sheldon Adelson.

Trump had spent much of the day bashing his Democratic rival, calling her “crooked” and a “liar” and calling her a “crook” who “didn’t pay taxes.”

The former secretary of state has said she’ll be the Democratic nominee and she’s looking forward to fighting for the presidency in 2020.

In her speech to the Nevada caucus, Clinton said the country’s future is in her hands.

“Our future is a promise that our children can look forward to.

A promise that we can take back our country and a promise for our children to come back stronger and better,” she told the crowd.

“A promise that the United States will always be great, and we will always find ways to make America great again.

A hope that the dreams of our sons and daughters will never be too far away.”

She continued:”This is a time for hope, not despair.

This is a moment to celebrate and embrace the greatness of America.

This campaign is about more than politics and it’s about more then one candidate.

This election is not just about one candidate.”

Trump was expected to return to the campaign trail Thursday night.

He spent much Thursday trying to rally voters in Nevada and Colorado and was also expected to campaign in New Hampshire and South Carolina.

The Republican nominee had a busy day at the Las Vegas Convention Center, where he addressed supporters in a video message.

He called the state a “must win” and said that he “will be back” in 2020, a promise he repeated on Saturday.

Trump is also expected back at the campaign rally Thursday night in Colorado, where the two candidates will be on hand for a rally at a hotel that has been leased by a pro-Trump super PAC.

The presumptive Republican nominee also will appear on Saturday at the rally in Colorado.

He’s expected to spend the night in Phoenix, Arizona, and Saturday will be the last day he’s in the state.

Trump’s campaign released a statement Friday that said the billionaire is “very grateful to the millions of voters who chose me to be their president” and “thank you to the hardworking volunteers who put their lives on the line everyday for our campaign.”

The statement also said that the “vast majority of Nevadans have not forgotten the hard choices we faced.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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