How to fix the iPhone bug that makes the hair braids in the photo you’ve uploaded look like the braids of a Taurus Goddess

We’ve seen plenty of strange iPhone bug reports over the years, but this one is the weirdest.

As of late, the iPhone is known to randomly crash when a user uploads an image with braids, hair, or other weirdness.

And in this case, it seems the bug could have something to do with a hair braiding app called “Pegasus”.

The developer of Pegasus claims that they fixed the bug and are working on a new app for iPhone that will fix the bug.

Here’s the app description: Pegasus is an app that will help you achieve a braided hairstyle that looks like the one in the photos you uploaded.

Pegasus will allow you to control the braiding style and color settings and will show you the best and most appropriate braids for the photo, so you can get a braiding that looks great.

Pegasus is based on the popular and highly used braiding system, and Pegasus is also the most comprehensive braiding application for iPhone, with a large collection of hairstyles, colors, and styles.

Pegasus offers a lot of hair styles that are perfect for women with different hair lengths, hairstyles that are best for men, and hairstyles to look like in photos.

Pegasus also offers a “pigtail” style, which is an ideal braiding hairstyle for men with curly hair, and the hair-style selector tool that allows you to select a hairstyle based on your hair type.

Pegasus has an amazing collection of braiding styles and has worked hard to develop the best hair braider app for iOS and iPhone.

Pegasus was created by the talented and dedicated team of @kadaburi and @shane_kadabis and has been developed by the iOS team.

Pegasus features a large number of hair braiders, with over 50 hairstyles.

Pegasus makes it easy to select your favorite hairstyle from a large selection of hair textures, braids and braids styles.

The app can also show you a list of hair colors and braiding tools that will fit your hair and make it look the way you want.

Pegasus can be downloaded on the App Store for $1.99.

Pegasus developer: Pegasus: Pegasus user reviews: https/!/shanekadabi/status/76970647905202584 Pegasus is available for download on the iPhone for $2.99, and on the iPad for $3.99 and above.

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