This is the name of a goddess from Celtic folklore

A new Celtic goddess name may have been given to a lake in England that is believed to have been created by a woman named Brianna.

The name Brianna was originally given to the lake by a pagan priestess called Ailill, according to a new book by Welsh author and journalist Catherine Breen.

“Brianna, or Brianna of Cumbria, is the most important Celtic goddess in the English language, and the only one who is a name derived from the Irish name of the same name,” Breen told the Guardian.

“The name is based on the Gaelic word for ‘woman’, briadhla, meaning ‘she who gives birth’.”

The meaning of the name Briana is also a reference to the name, ‘Bri’, meaning woman, which is the common name for both the Irish goddess and the Welsh deity.”‘

It’s a wonderful place’The name of Brianna is a reference, according Breen, to the Celtic goddess Brianna, who is said to have appeared to the Englishman in the 13th century.

The goddesses name, Brianna has a long and long tradition of origin.”

It is said that the name is derived from Briana, the goddess of the water, the lake and the sky,” Bree told the British paper.”

She is said by some to have descended from the Celtic gods, but others believe it is the Celtic name of an Irish god.

“Many of the names of the Irish gods are based on those of Celtic goddesses.”

“She also is a Celtic name for the Celtic god Brienne, who was a warrior, warrior goddess and goddess of fertility.”

Briann, according a Celtic text, “brought forth water” from the earth and the heavens, and that the goddess, who appeared in the sky to give birth, “took it up” from earth.

“This is the story of a woman who came down from heaven, brought forth water from the Earth and brought it to the woman, whereupon she gave birth to Brianna,” Broudan said.

Bree said she was researching a book about Irish legends in Ireland at the time the name was given.

“I am not aware of any Celtic names of Briann, but there are stories of her, so it is not out of the question,” she said.

“When she was born, she took water from heaven and brought water back to the earth.

She is the water goddess of Ireland.”

Breeanna was a woman from Irish folklore, and her name is believed by some Celtic groups to have originated from the name Mary, which was used by women in the Irish language to refer to the virgin birth.

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