How to dress as a sexy goddess and still get the job

Sexy goddess costume and makeup can get you noticed as you try to become a sexy worker in the office.

Here are some tips on how to dress for the job and get the best results.


Dress in a sexy way The way you wear your costume is one of the most important elements in being a sexy boss.

You want to make sure that you don’t look too sexy but at the same time look feminine.

Makeup and accessories should not distract from your personality.

It is also important to avoid revealing any of your body parts.

The most important thing is that you look like a sexy and attractive woman.


Avoid making mistakes The first step is to be consistent.

If you make a mistake, don’t panic!

You are probably not a perfect boss but you can always work on making mistakes less.

You can work on improving your communication skills and taking care of the team.

You are not in charge of everyone’s work but you are the leader and you should take charge.


Don’t overdo it A mistake is not a reason to quit your job.

The best way to make it work is to take some time off to relax, to take a break from the job, and to recover from the pain of your boss.

If the boss demands too much attention, you can also choose to relax.

If a boss makes you uncomfortable and takes away your time, you may also consider changing the way you work.


Wear a lot of makeup You should wear a lot, especially in the daytime, as your boss may have to look after you if you don´t wear makeup regularly.

Your outfit should also be feminine and sexy.

Make up should look natural and you shouldn´t be too serious or overly dramatic.


Wear the right make-up This should not be a question that you answer every day.

You should not wear makeup that has too many details or is too complicated.

It should be simple and minimal.


Don´t take a shower Your boss is not looking for a professional, so don´ts leave the shower unattended.

When your boss comes to work, he should be dressed for work, with clean clothes, and in a clean environment.


Donât forget to take your phone out Your phone should be discreetly kept in your bag.

If your boss needs your phone to make a call or get an update, he can easily remove it and bring it back for you.


Take your phone for breaks Take your time and take your breaks well.

If it takes you more than a few minutes to take off your mask, don´s it worth it?


Keep your hands to yourself Your boss should not put your hands in front of your face while you are talking.

He should not ask you to take photos or use a mobile phone while you speak.

This may mean that you have to leave your desk and go to your desk somewhere else.


Use a smartphone and not a computer The use of a computer and the use of mobile phones is important.

The smartphone should be used for work as well as personal purposes.

When working on your phone, you should also keep it simple and not use it as a camera.


Don�t let others know that you are working out, because they will be able to see your work.

You need to be visible in the workplace and this is the best way.


Wear comfortable clothing You should try to wear clothes that are comfortable to work in.

You don´trick people with a sexy costume or makeup, but wear clothes in the right way and with the right kind of clothes.


Don\’t make a big deal about your body If you donât have any makeup or tattoos on your body, you are not going to look sexy.

The first thing you should do is remove any makeup and put on your favourite casual clothes.

Don`t worry about how you look, you have been chosen by your boss, he will see that and will respect you.


Make sure you get a good break If you have a lot to do, take a few hours off.

You will be less stressed.

Also, try to avoid eating out and drinking too much alcohol.


Wear appropriate shoes The boss must not be too far away from you.

You shouldnât wear shoes that make you look too big, too short, or too small.

Your boss has to be able see that you wear the right shoes and you are comfortable.


Take a break at lunchtime Take a couple of breaks from work to relax and recover.

You have to take care of your team if you are having lunch break.

The manager should also take time to see that your work is done and that you can go home.


Don t get caught in a trap You needn´t make the mistake of thinking that you should wear makeup to work because that will make you appear sexy.

You must try to keep your eyes open

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